New Payloads From ISS National Lab Implementation Partner NanoRacks Launch to the ISS

December 16, 2019, by ISS360: THE ISS NATIONAL LAB BLOG

spxcrs19 launch river

When SpaceX’s 19th commercial resupply services mission launched to the International Space Station (ISS) earlier this month, it carried close to 5,700 pounds of research and supplies to the orbiting laboratory. Among this cargo were several payloads from investigators working with ISS U.S. National Laboratory Implementation Partner NanoRacks. These ISS National Lab-sponsored payloads including “An experiment from biotechnology startup Pheronym in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture studying microscopic worms that kill crop-harming insects.”

Read more about these payloads in this recent Space Newsfeed article.

For more information about the experiment, visit the AstroNematode website.

To join the mission contact or support the project visit the AstroNematode shop.

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