Dr. Fatma Kaplan is the CEO/CSO of Pheronym and an entrepreneur and accomplished scientist with experience in both biology and chemistry. She has a Ph.D. in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology and postdoctoral training in Natural Product Chemistry with a focus on isolating biologically active compounds. Dr. Kaplan discovered the first sex pheromone of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and published in Nature in 2008. Then she discovered that pheromones regulate other behaviors in both parasitic and beneficial nematodes. Dr. Kaplan conducted the first agricultural biocontrol experiment in Space at the International Space Station in 2020. She has very high impact publications and her dissertation was cited in textbooks within 5 years of publication. Dr. Kaplan worked as a scientist at NASA, the National Magnetic Field Laboratory and the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service. Dr. Kaplan co-founded Pheronym to bring nematode pheromone technology to the market. Dr. Kaplan believes that nematode pheromone technology will provide effective, non-toxic pest control for farmers and gardeners. Keep reading

Mr. Karl Cameron Schiller is the co-founder and COO of Pheronym. He is an experienced entrepreneur with BA in economics and M.Sc in pharmaceutical economics. Prior to Pheronym, he co-founded Kaplan Schiller Research LLC. and volunteered as president of a not for profit organization where he managed 5 people team. In addition, he was a consultant in pharmaceutical product development, cost-effectiveness analysis, modeling, and statistical analysis. His clients include the University of Florida, the University of Alabama, Florida Medicaid, and Pfizer. Keep reading

Mr. Timothy Gallagher is a Research Assistant at Pheronym. Mr. Gallagher attended the University of California, Davis, where he studied global disease biology with an emphasis in entomology. He’s worked in plant pathology labs where he deepened his love and interest in agricultural research, especially as it pertains to disease. As an undergraduate student, he studied biological control agents and their efficacy against grapevine trunk diseases in California. Tim is working with the Pheronym team to accomplish more groundbreaking research and to continue their mission of aiding in the conquering of the world food crisis in an eco-friendly manner.

Business Advisors

We are very excited Dr. Pam Marrone saw the potential of our technology and agreed to be our business advisor. Pam has a deep knowledge of how biologicals work in the field. She knows how to successfully develop biopesticide products and enter the market. At the same time, she has experience building multiple companies from scratch to growth with successful exist; AgraQuest was acquired by Bayer Crop Sciences for nearly $500 million and Marrone Bio Innovations was listed on NASDAQ in 2013, the only pure play listed biopesticide company. Furthermore, very few CEOs have the experience to successfully navigate their companies through economic downturns and even fewer have run a startup. Pam has the right skills to help Pheronym grow to a substantial company. To top it off, Pam envisions a flourishing agricultural technology ecosystem in the Sacramento-Davis area. She is also a role model for women in leadership, is a longtime Treasurer of the Association for Women in Science, and a supportive mentor and sponsor. We are delighted that Dr. Pam Marrone is Pheronym’s business mentor. Keep reading

Mr. Neil Cohen has an amazing background in marketing and diverse experience in working with many corporations from big corporations to small startups. For example, he worked for corporations like Hilton (Vice President Marketing Communications) and SEGA (Vice President of Marketing). He also has a lot of experience advising startups like us and accelerators such as TERRA Food and Ag accelerator. Furthermore, he has founded a startup and understands how things work from the founder CEO side. Keep reading