To help solve world food crisis and feed the growing world population, farmers need to control pests. Without pest control, farmers would lose 30-80 % of their crops. Consumers demand safe, eco-friendly pest control for the food they eat. They are aware of the adverse effects of conventional pesticides on our environment and our health. This has lead to increased government regulations and demand for organic food. Government regulations on pesticide residues on our food have been tightened, negatively affecting the $60 billion conventional pesticide market, but positively affecting both the biopesticide industry (15% CAGR)  and the seed treatment industry (10% CAGR) with double-digit annual growth. Biopesticides (biochemicals and biocontrol organisms) are compliant with organic food production and are safe and eco-friendly.

Pheronym uses pheromones to control agricultural pests. Pheromones are communication signals and used for safe and eco-friendly insect control. We are bringing pheromones from nematodes, which are microscopic roundworms, to the market. Our first product improves the efficacy of commercially available biocontrol agent for insect pest control.  Our pheromones increase the efficacy of beneficial nematodes up to 5 times more. Currently, we have a working prototype and we are scaling up our production. Since we can control nematodes, we can control both good and bad nematodes. Our second product in the pipeline protects young and vulnerable plants from plant-parasitic nematodes. We would like you to be our partners to bring 21st-century crop protection to the world.

Currently, we are raising our seed round.