Pheronym is hiring

Industry Postdoc Analytical Chemistry

Create the future of agriculture!

Farmers can lose the majority of their crops without pest control. At the same time, there are concerns about the toxicity and environmental impact of traditional chemical controls. These concerns have led to regulation and outright bans on specific pesticides around the globe. Farmers and society demand eco-friendly alternatives to control pests.

Our company, Pheronym, turned to nature to win the battle against pests. We chose pheromones, communication signals, to protect our crops. Pheronym uses nematode pheromones to control agricultural pests, providing climate-friendly alternatives to soil fumigants and improving soil health. In other words, Pheronym enables farmers to control pests in the soil using eco-friendly solutions.

Industry Postdoc for R&D Analytical Chemistry – The position is funded by USDA AFRI collaborative grant.

You will work primarily with Fatma, our co-founder, and interact with our collaborators at the USDA, TAMU, Berkeley lab’s ABPDU, and JEBI alongside the growing Pheronym team. We are a deeply scientific cross-disciplinary team with a strong passion for innovation.

As an early member, you will have a meaningful influence on the culture and growth of Pheronym. Furthermore, you’ll have incredible opportunities to research new technology and transform concepts and strategies into structured projects and make key technical decisions.

    • Maintain a high standard of lab safety culture and design for safe operations
    • Work closely with our lab fermentation and analytical teams to optimize process conditions and analyze test data
    • Design and conduct analytical chemistry experiments using GC-MS or LC-MS and analyze and interpret test data
    • Review journal articles to improve methods
    • Implement strong communication skills across multi-disciplinary teams
    • Write and maintain data, analysis, and reports of your projects and standard operating procedures

You’ll take leadership in developing technological advancements and the design of the product and process. Take the next step and join us in this innovative, solutions-oriented environment.

This position is based in Berkeley, CA.

Please send a cover letter and resume to with “Pheronym Industry Postdoc Analytical Chemistry” in the subject line