Ever wonder why biocontrol nematodes go to ISS!

Dr. Kaplan, CEO of Pheronym, explains in this video why beneficial nematodes for agricultural pest control are going to International Space Station. Nema the AstroNematode is Stienernema feltiae. If you would like to support the AstroNematode project, please send an e-mail to fkaplan@pheronym.com or schiller@pheronym.com.

farm-to-fork live!: technology for the food and ag economy

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Part II of the event was an opportunity for attendees to tour AgStart in Woodland and hear from entrepreneurs about their respective technologies, and the ways that AgStart and other partners have helped them expand their capabilities and the reach of their companies. Keep Reading

Dr. Fatma Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer of Pheronym. Pheronym is a Davis-based ag biotech start-up that relocated to the region from Florida; it develops nontoxic solutions for plant protection. It is a tenant in the UC Davis-HM. CLAUSE Life Science Innovation Center. Without pesticides, there would be 50-80% crop loss globally, representing billions of dollars of financial loss to producers. Keep Reading

A New Kind Of Pheromone To Control Agricultural Pests

Karl Cameron Schiller is the co-founder of Pheronym, a Davis-based agriculture biotech start-up using a new kind of pheromone from microscopic roundworms called nematodes to control agricultural pests. We asked him about his work.

How can nematode pheromones be used in agriculture?

The first use case, which is the closest to market, is called NemaStim for stimulating nematodes to disperse and kill insects. Treating beneficial nematodes with pheromones improves their effectiveness to control insect pests.  Keep Reading

Karl Cameron Schiller, Chief Operating Officer, Pheronym, will be speaking on biocontrol with nematode pheromones at the 4th Partnerships in Biocontrol, Biostimulants & Microbiome Congress: USA.

Fresh Takes on the Farm of the Future

By Foodbytes

If you missed Karl’s pitch last year, you have a second chance.

 Biotech: pheromone pest control, animal health innovation and more

Ag Biotechnology is a hot topic in the investment world, according to a report by Finistere Ventures, attracting more dollars than most other agtech segments. The category includes new breeding technologies, which Rabobank’s food and agribusiness research team reported on last year. According to the RaboResearch report, emerging techniques include CRISPR technology, which “allows for faster and more precise breeding.” Upcoming FoodBytes! Chicago pitch company, Spira, has modified the technology to enhance the flavor profile of spirulina as an ingredient, allowing food companies to incorporate the superfood into their products without sacrificing taste. Biotech alum, Pheronym, is utilizing pheromones from microscopic worms….. Keep Reading