The Power of Synthetic Biology: 25 Thought Leaders Opine

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Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary field, best defined as engineered solutions inspired by biology to create renewable, biodegradable, and safe materials. Synthetic biology has found applications in several areas, including healthcare, agriculture, and biomanufacturing of textiles, ink, and other consumer products. Keep reading

Dr. Kaplan is among the 25 thought leaders interviewed by Dr. Meenakshi Prabhune at Synthego.


Training Nematodes

By Tim Hammerich,  Podcaster/Writer/Speaker at “Future of Agriculture”
Imagine a farmer with a tank of solution full of microscopic worms that have been “triggered” to be especially hungry for an insect host. That farmer releases those hungry microscopic worms to kill the pests that want to eat his or her crop.

No, this isn’t science fiction. It’s nematology.  Keep reading