Hello Tomorrow names Pheronym a Deep Tech Pioneer!

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been named a Deep Tech Pioneer by Hello Tomorrow! From thousands of applications their experts saw real potential in our solution.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is the cornerstone event dedicated to celebrating and accelerating deep tech innovation: connecting key people bringing solutions from lab to market and strengthening the deep tech investment network. 

We will present on March 22nd at 2pm.  You can register here with a 15% discount code MEETUSINPARIS.

Please come and talk to us about our technology in Paris in March!

How biopesticides reduce carbon emissions in agriculture

Climate change is already affecting pest pressure in agriculture. A warming climate means pests have more reproductive cycles in a year and better survival over winter, leading to even more pest pressure in the spring. It also increases the risk of invasive and migratory pests and the diseases they carry (1). All of this adds up to more crop loss and food insecurity.  How do we deal with increased pest pressure? 

More synthetic pesticides are not an option!

Ninety-nine percent of synthetic pesticides are derived from petroleum (2). In 2021, 3.53 million metric tons of pesticides were used globally (3).……keep reading