Pheronym was featured by Gainesville’s WCJB TV20!

Photo by: Jeffrey W. Lotz, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,

Our very own Abigail Perret-Gentil was interviewed by WCJB TV20 for What’s Growing On? Nematodes.  She talked about plant parasitic nematodes, beneficial nematodes and how  we at Pheronym leverage pheromones to control them both for crop protection.

New Wave Pheromones

Pheromones offer one of the most powerful solutions for environmentally and ecologically friendly pest control. Yet, their use has been limited to baiting traps and disrupting mating for the past 60 years. At Pheronym, we believe pheromones can do much more. Pheronym is unlocking the potential of pheromones and revolutionizing their use in the global pest control market.

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Vision & impact

Nematode are the most abundant animals on earth and found in every ecological niche. They parasitize nearly every plant, insect and animal, including humans. They cause many diseases in humans such as hookworm, pin worm and intestinal roundworm infection (Ascariasis). Continue reading