What can entomopathogenic nematodes do for soil health?

Join the discussion on Sept 14th, 2022 at 2 PM (EST) with Dr. Fatma Kaplan, CEO of Pheronym, Dr. David Shapiro, Research Leader at USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) SE Fruit and Tree Nut Research Unit in Byron, GA, and Dr. Jacob Parnell, Sr. Agronomist at Biome Makers, as they discuss how entomopathogenic nematodes and their pheromones can provide unforeseen benefits to soil health and cropping systems.

Learn more about:

  • Assessing the efficacy of beneficial nematodes with and without the pheromones.
  • Demonstrating product performance.
  • Measuring the effects of biological ag inputs on the soil microbiome of peach orchards.
  • Soil insight into functionality, hormone production, and stress adaptation.

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Join us to learn more about Pheronym’s technology at the 2022 ACS-AGRO Fall National Meeting

Our CEO, Dr. Kaplan, is presenting Pheronym’s technology at the “New Crop Yield Technology Companies Improving Sustainability” Symposium at the American Chemical Society-Agro Division 2022 Fall National Meeting in Chicago, IL, on August 23.

McCormick Place, 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616

This symposium highlights innovative young companies in crop yield enhancement, describing their technical offerings and business models. There will also be discussions on the opportunities and pitfalls of forming a new company in agricultural yield and how these new companies will advance into sustainable agricultural practices and regulatory frameworks.

Dr. Kaplan is an invited speaker at the ISCE-APACE Joint Meeting 2022

Dr. Kaplan is giving a plenary lecture as an ISCE Applied Chemical Ecology Award winner at this year’s ISCE-APACE Joint Meeting 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on August 9th.

Lecture Title: Nematode pheromone extracts act as boosters for entomopathogenic nematodes’ efficacy to control agricultural pests in the soil

To know more about Pheronym’s technology, please join us either in person in Kuala Lumpur or virtually on August 9th!

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Beneficial nematodes could be key to plant defenses

Research investigates entomopathogenic nematode-plant relationship

Entomopathogenic nematode - WikipediaPublished June 27, 2022, in Morning Agclips, by Adam Russell, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications

The three-year project is titled “Chemical cues from beneficial nematodes enhance plant resistance and strengthen biological control.” It was funded by U.S. Department of AgricultureNational Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems Program.

The $680,000 grant will expand the work Helms began as a postdoctoral fellowship study in 2017. Helms is collaborating with David Shapiro-Ilan, Ph.D., at the USDA-ARS Southeastern Fruit and Tree Nut Research Station in Byron, Georgia, and Fatma Kaplan, Ph.D., at Pheronym Inc. in Woodland, California. Shapiro-Ilan and Kaplan have extensive experience and expertise focusing on nematodes and nematode pheromones, respectively.

Aside from their knowledge about EPNs, Helms said Shapiro-Ilan and Kaplan also provide expertise regarding potential commercial applications of the research to make EPNs a viable option for various users.

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Pheronym is on the AgEmerge Podcast

Thank you Monte Bottens for hosting us on the AgEmerge Podcast and the opportunity to talk about the science behind our nematode pheromone technology and cost-effective environmentally friendly pest control for farmers.

The AgEmerge Podcast features new ideas, grower insights, research, and emerging technology.

To learn more about Pheronym’s technology, follow the link for the EPISODE 084.