Cyclotron Road Announces Newest Cohort of Entrepreneurial Fellows

Fellows will embed for two years at Berkeley Lab developing new commercial solutions to the world’s most pressing scientific challenges

Pheronym’s founders, Dr. Fatma Kaplan and Mr. Karl Cameron Schiller, are honored to be Cyclotron Road fellows.

Cyclotron Road fellows 2021
2021 Cyclotron Road fellows: (top row) Antonio Baclig, Kezi Cheng, Jae Cho, Pete Christensen, Sam Green, Aaron Hall; (bottom row) Ben Jenett, Fatma Kaplan, David Mackanic, Ahmet Ozcan, Jimmy Rojas, Karl Cameron Schiller. (Courtesy of Cyclotron Road)

This month a dozen scientists and engineers will join the prestigious two-year fellowship program at Cyclotron Road based at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and UC Berkeley.

Selected from a record pool of 300 applicants, these 12 individuals will make up Cohort 2021 of Cyclotron Road. As part of their two-year fellowship they will work to bring to market innovative, research-driven products to improve the sustainability and scalability of modern energy systems. The projects, listed below, include development of low-cost energy storage, nontoxic agricultural pest management and next-generation plastics designed for longevity and infinite recyclabilityKeep Reading

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