Woodland-based incubator aids ag-tech startups

By Kevin Hecteman
Issue Date: August 28, 2019
Ag Alert
There’s a bumper crop of ideas growing in Woodland—from measuring a plant’s water needs to fighting nefarious pests to streamlining markets.
He’s not the only one who made a transcontinental move. Pheronym, launched in Florida, settled in Yolo County to perfect its idea of using nematode pheromones as a means of pest control.”It was the right ag location, the right talent pool from UC Davis, and they had internships,” Fatma Kaplan, Pheronym chief executive and the technology’s developer, told the attendees, noting that AgStart has been a big help as well.“Two years ago, we had an idea,” Kaplan said. “Now, we have a proven technology.Keep Reading


If you missed Dr. Kaplan’ s talk about Pheronym’s technology, you have a second chance. See below link to listen.


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