Training Nematodes

By Tim Hammerich,  Podcaster/Writer/Speaker at “Future of Agriculture”
Imagine a farmer with a tank of solution full of microscopic worms that have been “triggered” to be especially hungry for an insect host. That farmer releases those hungry microscopic worms to kill the pests that want to eat his or her crop.

No, this isn’t science fiction. It’s nematology.  Keep reading

Innovation awards celebrate cutting-edge technology

By   – Staff Writer, Sacramento Business Journal November 1, 2018

Honorees at the 2018 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards.

Picked from more than 100 applicants in eight categories, the companies were judged and selected by a panel of dozens of entrepreneurs, technologists, technology executives and financiers. For Food & Agribusiness, the top pick was Pheronym, which is developing pheromones for agricultural pest control. Keep Reading


Mentoring Pheronym

to bring the world’s first nematode pheromones to the market

They say “It takes a village to raise a child”. The same is true for startups. It takes the whole business ecosystem to make a startup succeed; incubators, accelerators, marketing, law firms, advisory/mentorship programs, and more. Accelerators and incubators provided us with infrastructure, funding, and mentorship. As we have been developing the world’s first nematode pheromones for pest control, we learned that you can never have enough mentors. Keep reading

Pheronym is a Hello Tomorrow Top 500 deeptech startup!

Pheronym, Inc. is excitedto be selected as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide in the Food, Agriculture & Environment track !

This year, Hello Tomorrow had a record of over 4,500 applications from 119 countries. Being in the Top 500 means Pheronymrecognizedised as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date.
To celebrate this, Pheronym is invited to Hello Tomorrow Investor Day on March 13th, 2019 and to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on the 14-15th of March in Paris! 

Hello Tomorrow, supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the world’s leading organization accelerating science and tech entrepreneurship. Its mission, since 2011, has been to catalyze the intersection of top researchers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and financiers to build the next generation of companies that can really solve humanity’s big challenges.