Global outreach

Florida Congressman Yoho and Vietnamese Ambassador visit start-ups at the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator in Alachua, FL.

Pheronym lab manager Abigail provided a tour of Pheronym lab at the Sid Martin.  She explained how biocontrol works for agricultural pest control.

Pheronym uses pheromones of microscopic roundworms, called nematodes. We are first to bring nematode pheromones from lab bench to the market to improve the efficacy of commercial beneficial nematodes for insect control.

Community youth outreach

Lab manager Abigail at Pheronym is explaining how biocontrol works for agricultural pest control and how Pheronym uses pheromones from microscopic roundworms to improve the efficacy of commercially available beneficial nematodes for insect control.

Pheronym’s journey: 2017 and beyond

2017 was an exciting year for Pheronym with so many good things to come.  However, we started out in a dire situation with no income and running out of money. We looked at the bright side, we had a bank loan, a functioning R&D lab full of interns who had their own funding, 3 pending grants, and most importantly hope. …….

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Why eco-friendly solutions?

A tragic accident happened in Chernobyl, Russia, a far away country. But it had a dramatic effect on our food, land, and lives then and years to come. At that time, I was a kid and did not think of it much except that it was a very sad accident in Russia. It didn’t affect me. However, scientists predicted that the radioactivity would come with the clouds to where I lived, come down in the rain and contaminate our soil and food. They also predicted that 10 to 15 years later cancer incidents would increase. Yes, the radioactivity did come with the clouds, rained on our land….. Read more

The water cycle.