Executive Summary


Pheronym is an agricultural biotechnology company developing nontoxic solutions for plant protection. We specialize in the development and manufacture of pheromones that direct nematodes towards insects and away from plants.


Without pesticides there would be 50-80% crop loss globally, representing billions of dollars of financial loss to producers. Farmers have to use pesticides, but toxic chemical pesticides are being removed from the market. There is a clear and huge global need for safe, viable, smart alternatives to control insect pests.

Creative Solutions:

Our proprietary pheromone provides a safe and effective way to direct beneficial nematodes to attack target insects in a “pack,” resulting in a 5X insect kill rate as compared untreated nematodes. It is also safe for non-target insects such as pollinators, and leaves no harmful residue.

Products in the Pipeline:

  • Nemastim™
  • Pherocoat™
  • Pherocall™


      • Signed cooperative R&D agreement with USDA-ARS
      • Soil trials ongoing in San Francisco at IndieBio and USDA-ARS
      • Greenhouse trial scheduled at USDA-ARS, Byron, GA, and Univ. of Idaho, Moscow, ID 
      • LOI from Miraculex, a specialty greenhouse grower
      • Negotiating with a large seed company for product co-development


      • Raised $250K in seed equity funding
      • SBIR Phase I $100K non-dilutive funding


      • Fatma Kaplan, Ph.D. CEO/CSO; 20+ years’ experience in plant molecular stress biology, nematode chemical ecology, and natural product chemistry
      • Karl C. Schiller COO;  15+ years’ of experience in economics research, data science, and 5+ years entrepreneur

Global Market Size:

      • Chemical pesticide market: $66 billion
      • Biopesticide market: $4.4 billion
      • Seed treatment: $3.8 billion

Revenue Model: 

      • Sell Nemastim through distributors
        • Greenhouse growers
        • Fruit and nut trees
      • Strategic partnership for further technology development and broad global commercialization



      • Research contract


      • R&D Lab established
      • IP: US patent pending


      • IP: PCT: application
      • SBIR Phase I awarded
      • At IndieBio, largest biotech accelerator globally
      • Produced prototype
      • Completed soil tests
      • Regulatory compliance


      • Greenhouse trial
      • Scale up production
      • Quality control parameters
      • Field trials in orchards

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