Dr. Fatma Kaplan is the CEO/CSO of Pheronym and an accomplished scientist with experience in both biology and chemistry. She has a Ph.D. in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology and postdoctoral training in Natural Product Chemistry with a focus on isolating biologically active compounds. Dr. Kaplan discovered the first sex pheromone of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and published in Nature. Then she discovered that pheromones regulate other behaviors in both parasitic and beneficial nematodes. She has very high impact publications and her dissertation was cited in textbooks within 5 years of publication. Dr. Kaplan worked as a scientist at NASA, the National Magnetic Field Laboratory and the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service. Dr. Kaplan co-founded Pheronym to bring nematode pheromone technology to the market. Dr. Kaplan believes that nematode pheromone technology will provide effective, non-toxic pest control for farmers and gardeners. 

Mr. Karl Cameron Schiller is the co-founder and COO of Pheronym. He is an experienced entrepreneur with BA in economics and MS in pharmacy healthcare management. Prior to Pheronym, he co-founded Kaplan Schiller research LLC. and volunteered as president of a not for profit organization where he managed 5 people team. In addition, he was a freelance consultant in pharmaceutical product development, cost-effectiveness analysis, modeling, and statistical analysis. His clients include the University of Florida, the University of Alabama, Florida Medicaid, and Pfizer.


On the Steps Between Scientist and Founder: An Interview with Fatma Kaplan by Emilia Diaz at Synbiobeta

When working with biotechnology, many times you find yourself in the odd scenario where you know where you want to get to but the resources you need to get there don’t exist yet.  Read more

Our business mentors and advisors

FAST Program at California Life Science Institute: Dr. Pam Marrone, Dr. Jenny Rooke, Dr. Zach Wochok and Cathrine Campbell

Tech Futures Group: Terri Mead

LARTA Institute: Julie Morris for commercialization

Sales and marketing advisor: Kim Nicholson